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2006 Tour de France bike tours

Time trial 2003, picture with the courtesy of Ethan Madson

The Cyclande's concept:

Our guests will be able to both ride through France and to attend this great event, in particular the most interesting stages.

Quality of the highest level to make you happy , unbeatable prices regarding the high quality ( we can reach such prices because we are a local company and thanks to our knowledge of France's best resources), small group size ( 15 guests maximum plus 3 guides ) in order to benefit of the best service and the highest flexibility ( you can choose to spend more time riding, visiting, or attending the race, depending on your wishes...).

These trips are designed for people who like to cycle and for frequent cyclists but our trips are also suitable to non frequent cyclists or non-cyclists (in these cases, as most of the time we use the bikes to join the race, you should be willing to ride at least an hour to benefit of the best lookout views to the race). Daily riding distance is very flexible as we can adapt your route to your needs.


The 2006 Tour de France tours :

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Some highlights :

8 days


From the Alps to Paris

July 16th -23th, 2005

Sold Out

The Alps and l'Alpe d'Huez, the time trial, the arrival in Paris, ... more info >-





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