The hidden secrets of France


We are all like that!The Cyclande Difference



Cyclande is a local family-operated company, and as locals, we know every site, every back-road, every detail that will make a big difference between a "basic" tour and our epic tours. We will help you to discover wonderful remote places and savor the essence of the highly preserved local cultures. Tours are really splendid and guarantee an unique experience.

Given that we are locals, that we have knowledge of the local resources and that Cyclande is a small organization, we can propose tours of the highest quality at unbeatable prices .

We like to assist you in your trip preparation and - if you wish - will make the reservation for your stay or travel in France before and after the Cyclande's tour. We can also arrange transportation to the tour departure point.

We love travel and adventure but we also love perfect organization : every detail is checked, every thing is done so that all works out for the best.

When there is a group (guided walking/MTB tours,full support cycling tours, Tour de France trips), it is only a very small one (usually from 6 to 10 guests (8 to 16 for Tour de France trips)). This enables us to stay in choice accommodation and to share great moments with our hosts. This small sized group is a very favorable factor for creating a very positive atmosphere and will enable us to discover the most remote and beautiful spots.


We have selected very typical accommodation in order to let you capture the regions' unique core.



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