The hidden secrets of France


The Quercy & the Dordogne






Here, all and every thing is a pretext to go riding or walking, because the beautiful scenery, the relief,the history, the nature and the interest of roads, trails and single-tracks are so favorable to these activities!


The Quercy's wide limestone plateaus are covered by orchids lands and by small white oaks and are cut by opulent valleys.


Time and people have given these two regions an inheritance which serves all visitors. Charming villages and ancient cities, delicious local specialities, beautiful scenery, friendly local people, all invite the visitor to savour the richness of each moment.


The prehistoric sites such as Lascaux testify to millenniums of human history and are exceptional in quality and quantity!  Nowadays, some of the most charming villages of France are found here, as many more grandiose and spectacular sites too : mountain top castles and forteresses, villages built into the cliff, caves with their awesome rock formations, ..

The region is incredibly adapted to outdoors activities and in particular to mountain-biking, cycling, walking or horse-riding... Our circuits will enable you to access magical places often unknown to tourists. Beautiful scenery and small roads( and trails & single tracks for Mountain Bike tours ) built generations ago will be your daily bread. Here, every step takes you to a visible trace of human history : you will follow pilgrimage routes, drawn during the 12th and the 13th centuries, you will ride from centuries old stone-built houses to villages from the Middle Ages, will ride from shepherds huts - unchanged from prehistoric times - to troglodytes houses built onto the cliff.

Dordogne & Quercy have thousands of years of similar human history, but because their different geological history, their scenery is quite different as well as the relationship between humans and the earth. Technics developed by ancestors for day to day living were different because possibilities were different, and finally they have built quite different countries. Today visitors discover more castles in Dordogne and more remote treasures (villages, ancient houses and shelters,ancient stone fences,...) in the Quercy...

Land of traditions, food is here .... Humm ...Humm ... wonderful ! This is one of the regions of France where one can eat the best food : the local tradition is kept alive in the love of fine fresh produce : duck and goose dishes, nuts, truffles, fruits, wines, pastries,..

Horses and hand print at Pech Merle caves (Cabreret)

Prehistory has left many traces in Quercy and in Dordogne like Lascaux and Cabreret painted caves, chef-d'oeuvre of our ancestors, some 18,000 years ago. Countless others prehistoric sites like caves, dolmen and standing stones (prehistoric monuments), shelters, are still there to show us traces of prehistoric humans.


Quercy & Dordogne are in the south west of France and so its oceanic climate is warm and usually pleasant, particularly in spring, summer and autumn even so some summer days can be very hot. It is rarely windy .



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